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Apple Redesign’s Its Website For Easier Shopping

Apple Store

Apple just recently redesigned the “Store” section of their website. Previously there was a Store tab that is now completely gone. Also the link “store.apple.com” also disappears. Apple has chosen to incorporate its online store with the entire site. Now you’ll see “buy” buttons on product pages. Also when you add an item to purchase later while continuing to browse, you’ll see that the shopping cart has been renamed to a “shopping bag”. No longer will you be forwarded to the Apple Store’s subdomain link because it will all be part of Apple’s main site.

The purpose of the newly redesigned website and online store is to make purchasing much easier and less stressful. Maybe this will guarantee no more maintenance modes when a new product gets announced.

“We want to give customers one simple destination to learn and buy without navigating between two different sites.”Apple Spokesperson to Tech Crunch
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