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Teamchat Messenger Makes Enterprise Messaging Clutter-Free

The Smart Mobile Messenger


Often times we find ourselves on our smartphones throughout the day, and usually we are messaging others. From family and friends to business contacts and clients. What most of us tend to use is the stock messaging app for family and friends and an alternative messenger app for business calls. Even though both have their place, they do tend to take up plenty of resources and can be stressful alternating back and forth between both. Teamchat is changing that.

Teamchat is a consumer-style messaging service that combines enterprise tools and bots to make your everyday communication much more efficient, no matter how large or small your group. These Teamchat “bots” fetch smart messages, that are aggregated and summarized for your conversations so that you can get back to business. It even add polls, make dispatch calls, build charts and can even host raffle contests. Teamchat bots to do quick tasks like finding recipes, daily quotes and organize future group meetings with friends.

TeamchatTeamchat differs from other mobile messaging apps by offering clutterfree messages. Now instead of going back and forth within a group conversation, you can now receive direct messages without having to scroll through the chat history just to see who replied to your question, or who asked you a question in the middle of other chats. Teamchat uses Chatlets to intelligently organize and re-order you chats and other messaging content without you needing to scroll all the way up to the top. Chat Administrators can even take further control of Teamchat messages by sending one message and having it go out to all selected contacts. So if the business is closed for due to harsh weather, you can use Teamchat and simply send one message, instead of sending out 50 separate texts, making not only your job easier but also making it easier for those that are connected to you, to stay in the know.

If you wish to give Teamchat a try, or if you think that your corporation could benefit from switching over to Teamchat for safe and smart mobile messaging, then you can check them out on iOS, Android or Desktop (via browser).