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Apple TV Is Now Available For Ordering

Apple TV

Finally the Apple TV (4th Generation) has just arrived and is ready to fill your home up with plenty of movies, games, TV shows, shopping and much more. Since its introduction at the iPhone 6S event, Apple fans have been patiently waiting to upgrade their current Apple TV’s with the new release. The new Apple TV is now available to order online, the first orders will arrive on October 30th. The standard model has 32 GB of storage and will cost you $149 (£129), or you add more memory (64 GB) for just an extra $50 (£40). The differences between this year model and the previous version is that the Apple TV remote gets a redesign (including a touchpad), users can now play video games, shop right from their couches, and watch movies & TV shows right away. Apple has also added Siri to the 4th generation model. While there is no 4K support (compared to Amazon & Roku devices) this set-top box shouldn’t give you any disappointments. Apple also informs that a long-awaited TV subscription service should be on the way soon. You’ll want to make sure that you have one of these bad boys parked in your living room when that comes.

Apple TV

If you don’t want to shell out $150 or more for the new Apple TV (4th Generation), the 3rd Generation works just as good with a much more affordable price of $69 at Staples. Other places may offer it for $99. We will keep our eyes open for more deals, stay tuned.