Voxel-based games have been the normal trend for the past five years. With all of the hype surrounding Minecraft and Cube Word, who could expect anyone to possibly top, let alone compete with these greats? I know I didn’t, that is until I got my hands on Trove.

Trove, from Trion Worlds, is another MMORPG that is full of voxels. But what separates it from the others is that it generates newer, action-packed worlds constantly. Once you start the game you’ll notice that the environment is free to roam and explore as you please. I literally spent hours just checking out the landscape of several worlds in the Trove universe (there are plenty of servers) and you can actually get lost (unless you transport of course). Players can customize their characters, craft weapons, furniture and other items, defeat enemies, and even chat with the built-in the chatbox. Trove has an unlimited amount of dungeons that your characters can travel through (you and the community can even create them), defeating enemies, stashing loot and collecting resources. The best way to improve your character is to complete one of these dungeons, not only will the experience gives you a boost, but the items and loot that you collect can be very useful depending on which class you have selected out of the fairly large amount that they have you choose from.

Trove is fairly simple, it’s easy to play for any age bracket (ages 10 & up), the customization is simple yet endless with plenty of possibilities. The prices of the cash shops are very fair and you can even collect allowance for the items that you have created. The fact that the community can also submit created content is a huge plus for me.


  • The Trove universe is nearly limitless. Plenty of handmade worlds and you can create your own.
  • Tons of classes for you to unlock and level up
  • Unlimited dungeons to explore that offer plenty of rewards
  • You get your own homes/plots that you can customize
  • You can submit created content or dungeons to the game community for other gamers to explore and use.


  • Unlocking blocks can be strenuous
  • The dungeons can be a bit boring because they all seemed the same and weren’t detailed that well.
  • Other than the quests that are available, the game can seem pointless at times


Trove was indeed a great experience for me to play in my spare time, I love that it reminds me of Minecraft, but it stands on its own with the MMORPG style of gaming. And the customization of this game is unbeatable. You’ll see some amazing designs and items that you wouldn’t think could be possible in this game. I won’t spoil it too much for you, you’ll have to play it to experience Trove for yourself.

Trove is a free to play PC game and it is available for both Windows and Mac computers. Click this link to get a unique code when you sign up so that you can get extra coins or a booster pack.