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VIZIO Reference Series Premium 4K TV’s Are Available At Best Buy


It’s almost been two whole years since Vizio allowed orders to their “Reference Series” Premium line HDTVs. Now you can order them at your local Best Buy Magnolia Design Center (at limited locations). The new Vizio Reference Series Premium 4K TV’s come in two sizes for now. The 65-inch Ultra HDTV comes with Dolby Digital HDR tech for just $6,000. Or if you want to own neighborhood bragging rights, you can go for the alternate 120-inch model, but it’s not cheap, you can look to spend nearly $130,000. If you are interesting in 4K TV’s I suggest waiting until CES 2016, I guarantee you that the newer TV’s will also strike your interests. In the mean time, being one of the first to house a 120-inch Visio Reference Series Premium 4K Ultra HDTV is always an eye catcher and if you know Visio’s reputation, the picture quality is top of the line.


VIABest Buy - Magnolia Design Center
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