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Samsung Pay Adds Gift Card Support With New Update

Samsung Pay now supports 50 popular merchant gift cards in new gift card store

Samsung Pay

Samsung just released a brand new update for its Samsung Pay wallet mobile app. The new update features new support for various types of gift cards. Samsung proudly claims that over 50 of the top popular merchants gift cards can be used in stores today. Brands like Nike, Gap, Banana Republic, Panda Express, Staples, GameStop, Toys R Us, Whole Foods, Regal cinemas, eBay, and of other popular businesses are already on board with Samsung Pay.

Samsung also added a built-in store with the update that gives users the ability to purchase gift cards for family and friends while on the go. Now if you forget someone’s birthday or don’t know what to get them for Christmas, you can quickly order gift cards for them. While it isn’t as satisfying as opening a wrapped box, you can’t beat the efficiency of the service.

Samsung Pay

Within the Samsung Pay app, gift cards are set aside from credit cards and debit cards. Samsung neatly organizes them with tabs. With this new update, more people will be getting rid of their plastic overload in their wallets and purses to store more cash on hand (or to toss the wallet altogether). Next year they plan to add new support for Discover credit cards to even the playing field with Apple Pay and Android Pay.