TuneIn Radio has been one of the most consistent radio services that offer premium quality audio to its users for a while now. Not too long ago they partnered with the NFL to feature live football game audio to those premium subscribers. Also, the NHL & MLB has decided to join in and make a similar agreement as well. Today we are learning that the NBA has finally decided to join the rest of the major North American sports leagues by striking a multi-year deal with TuneIn Radio. Premium subscribers will be able to stream live ball games all year long. That’s the preseason, regular season, playoffs, finals and the All-Star Game (that we’ve experienced just last month in Las Vegas).

If you are a die-hard sports fan living in America, then this package may be just what you are looking for. You can now stay tuned in with the game while making your grocery run during halftime (you can never have enough game food). Or if you can’t afford a year long season’s pass to all the games (who watches every game all year long?).

Either way, if you are interested you must wait until the next NBA season to subscribe unless you live outside of the USA, Canada & China. But if you manage to still have a TuneIn Premium account and you don’t live in either of the aforementioned areas, you can tune in (pun) to the current NBA games right now. Subscription costs are $8/month (which includes extra music access and audiobooks).

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