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Sponsored Post: A Turtle Shows You How To Use The Sony Action Cam In Slow Motion

Sony puts the Sony Action Cam on the back of a turtle to show you slow motion video done right!


Sony is not a stranger when it comes to promoting the Sony Action Cam with interesting cinematic videos. The Sony Action cam is Sony’s take of a compact and affordable action camera for thrill and splash seekers. Sony recently teamed up with Lernert & Sander to put the Action Cam’s eye-popping slow motion function “to the test in an surprisingly fast race between the epitome of slow – turtles.” This literally tells you that no matter how slow or clumsy you hands can be, you’ll always capture a perfect shot or moment with the Sony Action Cam.


If for some reason unknown to me you’ve never heard of the Sony Action Cam, I’ll give you some introduction in case you’re in the market for an action camera. The Sony Action Cam comes with a combination of features and specs that helps it tip the scales in Sony’s favour against any competitor’s product.

You can choose from the FDR-X1000V which offers both 4K and 2K video recording which supports a high bit rate for smooth and high-quality videos, or the HDR-AS200V which supports high-quality 2K recording with a high bit rate. Both variation of the Sony Action Cam come with a ton of features that makes other action cams look like a child’s toy. Both theFDR-X1000V and HDR-AS200V are capable of 170° ultra-wide angle recording, less noise supported by Sony’s Exmor R, BionzX, & Sor High Low-Light performance. You also get Sony’s SteadyShot (image stabilisation), high-quality sound with Stereo Mic, wind noise reduction, built-in-GPS and splash proof without a casing packed in the Sony Action Cam.

The FDR-X1000V Specs:

  • 4K: Smooth and high-quality image supported by high bit rate. (Action Cam 4K 30P 100Mbps [GoPro only 60Mpbs])
  • 2K: Smooth and high-quality image supported by high bit rate and high frame rate (1080 120P 100Mbps). In 4K mode, the bit rate is 30P 100 Mbps to the GoPro’s 60 Mbps, while in 2K the bit rate is 1080 120P 100 Mbps. The HDR-AS200V offers 2K resolution at a bit rate of 1080 120P 100 Mbps.
  • Both models offer a 170-degree wide angle lens to the GoPro’s 145, and in 2K mode both have steady shot and image stabilization.

Additional features of the Sony Action Cam include a wrist-mounted accessory ‘Live-View Remote’ that allows the user to fully operate the cam with a wrist-mounted accessory or check out current recordings.

PICTURE MACHINE_Live view remote

*NOTE: No turtles or dogs were harmed in the making of this film. All animals were professionally supervised on set by American Humane

*This post is sponsored by Sony, but concerns and opinion are ours.