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Sponsored: WideAngle Professional Information Security Services

*This post is sponsored, but concerns and opinion are ours.


While in the age of the Internet, businesses have finally made the switch completely and most are not well protected against vulnerabilities within their infrastructure. Information can easily be lost or manipulated which is why you need to make sure that you have a competent Information Security service that can adjust as newer threats are made and still provide Risk Management to protect your private data information, welcome to WideAngle Professional Services.

NTT Communications’ offers you WideAngle Managed Security Services that helps manage your information security while enlightening you on what is happening on both the network and application layers. This method of risk management is the best method to manage your infrastructure’s active threat management services. NTT Communications uses this service to conduct reviews, improve and monitor your entire information and communications technology services while managing them with top-notch security solutions.


WideAngle Professional Services offers three components in each service level option:

  • Consulting Service – researches global security risks while providing security support
  • Rescue Service – contains all damages caused to the environment & provides restoration support
  • Vulnerability Assessment Service – ID’s infrastructure weak spots in information and communication technology as well as the contained environment.

So whether you are just a start-up, a franchise or a standalone corporation, WideAngle Professional Services can provide you the most dependable, safest Information Security services for all of your needs. That’s intrusion prevention, containment and data protection services for all of you information and communications technology environments. The services special engineers are trained to give you the best, multi-layered range of security to quickly respond and prevent outside target attacks and newer threats that may come along the way. No one else has the most advanced security options like WideAngle Professional Services from NTT Communications’.

There are five operational levels of NTT Communications’ security services that WideAngle offers with extra device security management options as well. The prices are based on four levels that differ in scale and in function. So if you have a small budget you can still get premium security protection and risk tolerance without having to put the company in debt.

If you’d like to get more information, check out the document below to find more information on NTT Communications.