Google Pixel
Image Credit: Android Police

Since their 1st batch of Nexus-branded smartphones and tablets, Google has managed to keep the prices of their devices below average market pricing. With expensive flagships from brands like Apple and Samsung, you could easily expect a better-valued device that can save you a couple of hundreds of dollars while managing the only device that releases pure stock Android, the way it was meant to be. Users of the $499 Nexus 6P can easily attest to this with their device still being one of the best devices to use to date. Sure you can purchase the latest Apple iPhone 7 or the Samsung Galaxy S7, but for the stock android experience, the Nexus 6P is still one of the best to hit the market. And with news of these Google Pixel phones, there is a chance that Google won’t shy away from approaching the current market price for flagships.

This year HTC is manufacturing the Google Pixel (and Google Pixel XL). It will start at $649, which is right around the price of a new iPhone 7 or the Samsung Galaxy S7 (with the bigger version obviously costing more). This move is putting Google smack into the middle of the flagship wars that both Samsung and Apple have managed to successfully maintain the highest device sales and ownership. Google does plan to use financing options to help lessen the blow of such a price hike.

For those that are interested, you’ll only be able to access the Google Pixel only at Verizon Wireless stores on October 4th. Sure you’ll still be able to purchase them unlocked from Google’s website but you won’t get the hands on 1st impression unless you visit a Verizon carrier store. With Google taking a change in marketing focus, one can only hope that CEO Sundar Pichai steers the company in the right direction as far as their smartphone innovation. One can only expect that the company has some secrets up its sleeve for these Pixel devices and possibly the future.