Global view of Mars from MOM: Chryse and Acidalia Planitiae and Kasei, Mawrth, Tiu, and Ares Valles

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and Planetary Society have joined together to provide us with some awesome data and detailed images of the planet Mars that they have taken with the Mars Orbiter. This data was the focal point during the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM).

The Indian Space Research Organization first launched the Orbiter spacecraft in 2013 and reported a success in interpolating itself in the Red Planet’s orbit back in September 2014. Since that point, the Mars Orbiter has gathered a slew of images of the planet’s surface, atmosphere, the moon and other particles in its orbit. This accomplishment made the ISRO the 4th space agency to ever put a spacecraft into Red Planet’s orbit (after the Soviet space program, NASA and the ESA).

You can find most of the ISRO’s info taken here and there are some other enhanced shots featured by the Planetary Society. There is even a pdf below that details nearly all of the data that was gathered from the Red Planet.

Feel free to browse the gallery below and the links too.