Display manufacturer LG Electronics has managed to accomplish (with it’s new, advanced OLED technology) an improved TV viewing experience. As far as the tech is concerned, LG’s newest OLED TV’s now have a heightened contrast that offers what LG is calling “Perfect Black”. This advanced technology from the company makes images look richer and the colors are also very accurate and not overly saturated.

Another plus to OLED panels is that they are not backlit panels like LCDs are, because of this you now remove any potential chances for light bleeds along each and every side of the display and inconsistent color renderings. This excess of light coming from LCD panels can also lead to light pollution. For those who aren’t aware, light pollution is when man-made lighting (such as TV’s, street lights, interior and exterior lights, and other artificial sources of light) interferes with the natural observance of the night sky. What these artificial lights do is that they brighten up the night sky and causes a disruption of natural and professional observational astronomy (in regards to perception of stars and planets).

[graphiq id=”kKFvOgJNz9z” title=”Light pollution” width=”500″ height=”300″ url=”https://w.graphiq.com/w/kKFvOgJNz9z” link=”https://www.graphiq.com” link_text=”Visualization by Graphiq” ]

Viewers of LG’s OLED TVs won’t have to worry about light bleeds, excess lighting, and inaccurate colorings because each and every OLED pixel can cast its own light source when needed and they can completely turn off when black is needed. This “intelligent lighting method” always provides super clear images. You’ll feel as if you’ve been fully immersed in that digital environment that is being shown. The display is not only pleasing to the eyes, but it surpasses the idea of realism that one though had been experienced on a backlight LCD panel.

“Technology is at its best when it enables people to have natural experiences that normally would require them to physically be somewhere. Most consumers may not necessarily know what they are missing when viewing content on old display technology; I noticed an immediate difference the moment I plugged OLED in. The superiority of OLED – particularly for content utilizing darker color palates – is immediately apparent.” Lewis Hilsenteger, of Unbox Therapy.

But that isn’t all, LG wants you to know that this is just the beginning of what they have planned as they are currently holding a high-profile, Facebook contest right now (up until November 17th) to giveaway a 55″ LG OLED 55E6 4kTV to the lucky winner that writes the most interesting story about their witnessed experience of observing a truly pure black night sky. Participants can submit their stories on the official LG TV Facebook page. Feel free to visit the LG TV Facebook page and post your comment describing where you went to experience the perfect, black, night sky and why. And make sure that you tag all of your friends to share your experience with them, you never know, they may do the same.


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