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Starbreeze Acquires Nozon To Improve VR Experience

The StarVR headset to be one of the top rivals in the VR market.

Starbreeze StarVR

The VR market is starting to expand and if you want to be a worthy competitor you need to be able to deliver a high-quality VR experience both physically and virtually. So many VR headsets come and go but rarely do we have any that push the bar of innovation, possibly taking VR to the next phase. That may be sooner than you think with Starbreeze, StarVR and their latest acquisition of Nozon, the creators of Visual Effects (VFX) and PresenZ.

Starbreeze wants to take virtual reality beyond the gaming experience. They plan to bring VR video of movies, tv shows, and immersive tours. And by purchasing Nozon, a visual effects brand that just took VR video to the next level with a new interactive parallax effect. It works well for both computer-generated VR videos and 3D scanned VR videos. The ability to have freedom of sight from any viewing angle is a more natural scene. Starbreeze states that you will feel more in the present moment during any given scene as if you were actually on set.

Starbreeze StarVRSounds amazing, can’t wait to see what they present.