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Google Translate Has a Long Text Character Limit

Google Translate
Image Credit: Android Central

Google Translate is one of the best quick translation software’s available. And even though they continue to add and improve languages, there is a catch-22 that you might run into if you need a few sentences translated all at once. The translator has a new character limitation of 5,000 characters.

This means that now you’ll have to be mindful of your translation requests and possibly do them in increments if need be. This is definitely a bad look if you are the type of user that commonly needs to translate book pages or documents. Google has added a small character digit counter in Google Translate to show you how much text room is left available until the limit is reached.

Google Translate

This new limitation hasn’t been affected to full web page translations that carry an abundance of characters and Google has yet to speak on why the limit is set. One can speculate and suggest that perhaps for better accuracy, limiting the amount of text can possibly produce better results in the future. That is my guess but there is no telling how valid that is. It’s an idea, though until Google speaks on the matter.