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Bose Hearphones Can Control The Sound Around You

"Hear the world on your terms"

Bose Hearphones

Bose has done an excellent job with their QuietControl headphones and now they have a new pair of earbuds that aren’t for just plug-n-play listening. The new Bose Hearphones allow you to hear the world around you while you play your holiday tunes on these earbuds. This means you can clearly hear those around you very clearly with the built-in directional microphones that can be easily adjusted to focus on either the music playing in the earbuds or the voices of your guests while at a house party or during the family movie night (when you want to check YouTube while the kids watch The Angry Birds Movie on Netflix).

Some Reddit users have mentioned that the Bose Hearphones are very resembling to the Bose QuietControl 30 earbuds but with more advanced features. I do see the similarities but according to Bose’s site, it’ll be those additional features that will separate the two. There is no word on the pricing of these earbuds but strangely Bose has put the iOS app on iTunes last month.