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Samsung Galaxy S8 Red Tint Fix Not Working For T-Mobile

Samsung Galaxy S8

Recently Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ users have been reporting screen issues with their new devices having a reddish tint or pink glow on the display. Many thought it was an issue with the display color correction software and they tried to turn down the red from the RGB selector and it didn’t improve the display quality. Immediately Samsung reported to push out new updates to fix the red tint and give users more color accuracy controls that go beyond the current limitations. T-Mobile was the 1st carrier to receive the update and several T-Mobile customers that had a Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ with red tint still had complaints on Reddit that the issue wasn’t fixed. It did work for the majority of T-Moble S8/S8+ owners but in cases like this for those which the update wasn’t successful, we suggest that you document the red tint issue (taking photos and video) and then contact your carrier first, then go Samsung directly (if the carriers can’t help you out) to get a replacement device.

Samsung Galaxy S8

New Software Update from T-Mobile (138 mb)
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