There are so many vinyl skins available for smartphones nowadays. These are stickers which fit your phone’s exact design covering it up entirely to enhance/change its look and add more personality. None comes close to Toast though in terms of looks and personality. Toast skins are made with real wood and wrap around your entire phone front and back. We received samples for review and here are our thoughts on a Toast Galaxy S7.

Fit and finish

Toast skins are made of real wood, feel like it and smell like it. Your brain will be tricked into thinking your entire Galaxy S7 was made of wood. There are cutouts for ports and buttons and everything is made with maximum precision. They have 3 types of wood finishes and all of them hide Samsung’s logos. Overall very convincing wood feel and look. You don’t need to be blind to actually believe the phone is made of wood.

Feel in hand and conclusions

The feel in hand is pretty unique. Toast skins don’t wrap around edges though which may make it feel sharp. Apart from that just like the smell and looks it feels like wood. Amazing brain foolery here but it works. It also holds up for very long periods of time until you deliberately decide to take it off. The price tag for a toast skin isn’t an easy one to digest but it offers something very unique which you don’t find anywhere else. The finish, feel, quality and precision are impeccable. For those really willing to pay the price you won’t regret getting this gem. Get it here