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Introducing Tello Mobile, The Most Flexible Wireless Carrier In US

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“Beware of little expenses, a small leak will sink a great ship.” — Benjamin Franklin.

These words seem to be more real today than ever, especially when talking about one’s own Benjamins. Every little saving counts!

Tello Mobilhas made it its mission to help families across the US have a better grasp on their budgets and save more every month. The core belief of this Sprint MVNO is easy to relate to: “overpaying for wireless is a thing of the past”. The average monthly rate for a family plan from the big carriers starts at around $100. That means people pay for more than what they actually use, especially when it comes to data. Think about it, if you spend most of your time at home and at the office, where there’s speedy Wi-Fi available, you might not need much data at all.

Unlimited may not be for everyone, but savings sure are!

If you’re looking for affordable single-lined phone plans, Tello Mobile is a perfect match. You can have unlimited talk & text + 1GB of data for only $14/mo that and total control over your spending. Upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime for no extra charge. Plans range from as low as $5/month to $39/month and suitable for every budget or stage of your life.

Flexibility – the game changer

Tello Mobile is the only US carrier with a 5-star rating, named “Excellent” by more than 2k independent reviews from its customers. 

What are the clients raving about? Apart from huge savings and a stellar 24/7 Human Customer Service, the main focus point is flexibility. The possibility to build your own plan, by adding the amount of minutes, text & data you want is a wish come true for most people tired of predefined phone plans and contracts. Adapting the wireless service to one’s lifestyle and ever-changing needs is a Tello specialty.


All phone plans include free calling to Canada, Mexico and China, free shipping, voicemail, and tethering, so you can turn your phone into a mobile hotspot anytime. Unlimited text is included for free in every phone plans, regardless of the combo you choose.

Tello recently launched a one of a kind Referral Program in which everybody wins. If you refer a friend to Tello and he places a successful order, you both win 10 Tello Dollars. That is instant account credit you can use to pay the entire phone bill or even get a new phone. Best for Money-savvy people that want more bang for their buck! Parents can get a kick out of picking their kid’s first phone plan, adding text & talk only, just to stay connected, heavy users can have unlimited minutes, text + 10GB for only $39/mo, and seniors have control of their usage & spent at their fingertips. If you have an unlocked, CDMA, Sprint ready and free of any contract phone, you’re ready to go. You can always pick one from Tello’s phone selection.