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The Samsung Space Monitor Can Be Pushed Flat Against The Wall


With CES 2019 around the corner, Samsung has announced a new space-saving desk monitor called the Samsung Space Monitor. The new space-saving monitor comes with an integrated arm that can attach to the edge of a desk, allowing you to push it back flat against the wall when in need of space or not in use. The integrated arm also helps with cable management, allowing you to pass your power and HDMI cables through the arm. There’s no info on if the monitor has a VESA mount because not everyone might like the anchor/clamp mechanism for mounting the monitor.


The Samsung Space Monitor comes in a 27-inch a QHD resolution or the 32-inch model that’s 4K UHD. Pricing starts at $399.99 and will be released on February 23rd (though it can be pre-ordered on Amazon now).

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