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The $250 Uno Drum From IK Multimedia Is Available Now

IK Multimedia

The $250 “Uno Drum” drum machine from IK Multimedia is available now. We first got wind of the portable, battery-powered device from the company last month with no availability detail to go with the announcement.

Say goodbye to compromising on sound quality or features to fit travel and packing restrictions. UNO Drum is super lightweight, ultra-compact, and sturdy enough to hit the road with you. Just toss it in your backpack and bring it out when inspiration strikes. As portable as a sketch pad, warm as your passion for music, you can create grooves and songs to save and recall whenever and wherever you need them.

The Uno Drum comes with six analog drum sounds and 54 PCM samples. It also has 100 built-in “kits,” 12 different percussive elements you can use between analog and digital sounds. The device can be powered by USB, either from a computer or battery pack or by 4 AA batteries.

IK Multimedia is betting that the Uno Drum’s super lightweight, ultra-compact, portable and sturdy build will win over musicians and performers who are always on the go.



Killer sounding 12 drum elements

  • 6 fat, punchy analog voices
  • Up to 12 PCM voices
  • Analog drive and compressor
  • 100 drum kits

Wider sonic-palette

  • Analog character with digital flexibility
  • Suits more music styles
  • From Electronic to Hip-Hop, from Indie to Pop

Easy-to-use and perform

  • 12 multi-touch, double-velocity pads
  • 4 dynamic sound controls
  • 5 performance effects
Fully programmable
  • 64-step sequencer
  • Up to 8 parameters per step
  • 100 drum patterns

Integrates in any live, studio or mobile set-up

  • MIDI and USB in/out
  • Audio in to daisy chain other devices
  • Ultra-portable and lightweight
  • Battery or USB powered