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The Nintendo Switch Lite Is A $200 Handheld Mode Only console


In case you missed it, the rumors we of Nintendo working on a new kind of Switch console if true. The Switch Lite was finally unveiled yesterday, it’s portable, affordable and designed for handheld play only. The Switch Lite is slated to arrive September 20th priced at $200, making it $100 cheaper than the regular Switch. It will come in three different color choices yellow, gray and turquoise. For the $200 price tag, Nintendo had to make some design and spec sacrifices, being a handheld-play only console, the Lite comes with a with non-removable Joy-Con control.


Other absent features include the no TV-out support, IR sensors, and no HD Rumble. Specwise, it comes with a smaller 5.5-inch screen versus the 6.2-inch found on the regular Switch. The smaller screen size turns out to be an advantage to the smaller console, as it bumps up the battery life. Nintendo says the Switch Lite will last approximately 3-7 hours, which is roughly 30 minutes longer than the original Switch.

The company also noted that the resolution for both consoles still remains 720p. The Switch Lite comes with an actual d-pad button in place of the four-button d-pad on the older Switch. Nintendo also revealed a special-edition version coming to the US on November 8th. The Switch Lite Zacian and Zamazenta Edition is decorated with cyan and magenta buttons, with illustrations of the two new Legendary Pokémon across the back. For actual spec comparison, you check out Nintendo’s official comparison table for more.