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Elon Musk Drops A New EDM Track On SoundCloud

Don't Doubt ur Vibe.....

Elon Musk

One can say Elon Musk is on a winning streak, the Model Y SUV is coming early the Tesla stock just wrapped up its best month since 2013. Well, what better to rub it in on his critics than release a SoundCloud titled “Don’t Doubt Ur Vibe.” He teased the song on Twitter before releasing it, calling himself ‘E “D” M’, he also tweeted that he wrote the song and performed the lyrics himself.


In his tweet, you can see Elon in the studio probably mixing his song and a couple of N64 controllers insight. You can listen to it yourself on SoundCloud or Spotify. The new track is a followup to Musk’s first single RIP Harambe, that paid homage to the beloved Cincinnati Zoo gorilla that suffered an untimely death.