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Tesla Arcade Adds Fallout Shelter


It’s been almost a year since Fallout Shelter was announced at E3, the game has finally joined the list of games accessible to Tesla owners on their in-car infotainment system. We’ve seen the Fallout Shelter free-to-play game make from smartphones, console platforms, and now cars. The twist here is, players will try to build a vault that will keep its dwellers safe at home under lockdown.

The game comes with the 2020/20 software update, other improvements include some additional update for the TRAX music-making (the music-making software released last year), revised Tesla Theater controls, enabling the use of steering-wheel buttons when playing, pausing and skipping around between videos on your car’s Netflix or YouTube apps.

If you own a Tesla or don’t, here’s a video of how to play Fallout Shelter on the 2020.20 firmware update.