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The New Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro Has ANC For $130

You can get the new Liberty Air 2 Pro wireless earbuds now.


When it comes to the budget category of wireless earbuds that pack a ton of features and sound good, the Soundcore brand is not left. The company just introduced an upgraded the older $80 Liberty Air 2 with the Liberty Air 2 Pro priced at $130. The Liberty 2 Pro is said to feature 11mm drivers, have a better sound quality and active noise cancellation (ANC). It still bears the same stick form-factor as its predecessor, touch panels on the outside of the buds that accept gestures for play/pause, skipping tracks, volume control, and more. Just like the older version, the controls are customizable inside the company’s companion app.


The ANC modes on the Liberty 2 Pro are designed to fit various situations: Transport, Indoor, and Outdoor. Each mode adjusts the frequencies blocked by ANC for the best listening experience. It also comes with two transparency modes with two levels of ambient sound enhancement and “premium call quality” thanks to six-mic noise reduction tech.

Anker notes that the Liberty Air 2 Pro should get seven hours of battery life with ANC off, or six with it on. The case adds an additional 26 total hours when fully charged with ANC off and 21 with if off. The Liberty Air 2 Pro will be available in four colors (black, white, blue, and pink) and will go on sale today for $129.99.