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Red Dead Redemption Mini Game Guide: How to Win at Poker

Credit- @rockstargames

Since its 2018 release, Red Dead Redemption 2 has become a highly acclaimed action-adventure game. Created by Rockstar games, RDR2 allows players to experience the Wild West of the 1800s, hunting, cooking, and doling out justice, among other interactive activities. Because of its stellar gameplay, expansive world, and great storytelling, the game has sold around 14 million units on the PlayStation 4 alone.

One of its most popular mini games, is poker. It’s a great way to increase your in-game cash, albeit a risky option if you’re not well versed. An impressive factor is the accuracy to real-life poker as it pits you against AIs with set algorithms. Here are some tips to make Arthur Morgan a winner.

First Game Tactics

You can play poker at various locations. However, it’s a required part of the story during “A Fine Night of Debauchery”. You can do this with help or without. Game Pressure notes that winning this game without Strauss’ help earns you a Gold Medal objective.

The good news is that the game is rigged in your favor. You will lose the first game but win the second game with a pair of queens. As per a hand ranking chart on Poker.org, the only combinations a pair can beat is a lower pair and a high card. Your opponent ends up with a pair of jacks which means you beat them and can continue the mission.

Poker Strategies to Win

Once you have won your first game you can play poker at different places and this where the game is much like real life poker. Here are some tips to help:

Critical analysis is a major part of poker, even though it’s widely regarded as a game of luck. Consider the law of averages, and you’ll figure that a lot of the hands being dealt likely won’t be great ones. From there, employ patience and bet on your odds well. Since body language isn’t a consideration here, study the general patterns of the AI.

Don’t be afraid to play hard. This is called a preflop poker strategy, which Sportskeeda.com points out as crucial for your game. This establishes your position and can very much dictate the course of each round. It works well for beginners in real life, but is also useful in-game. This is because AIs are programmed to call the players and have the NPCs raise whenever they have a good hand.

Bluffing is useless in Red Dead Redemption but you can still influence your opponent’s in-game decisions. By reading which players you are holding weak hands, you can intimidate them with manhandling. Even with this technique, though, keep your wits about you since it can lead to a gun fight if overdone.

With these tips, you can perfect poker in the Wild West. For more articles on games and tech, check out our other content here on Tech My Money.